How you can help
We need to spread the word, so please help.
You can help by doing any of the following:
Click here to print a sponsorship form.
Click here to print a small poster and place in your local shop, businesses etc.
Click here to print a flyer to distribute in your community
Click here to print your own appeal letter to use to contact local businesses etc
More forms to follow!
Here are some fund raising suggestions for you

Please remember we need YOUR help - the more you can help us spread the word on Jacob, the faster we can get him the treatment he needs.
Sponsored event (swim, walk, run, bike ride etc) (see form above).
  1.  Ask all parents in your child's school to donate £1, collect and send in to the Appeal.
  2.  Ask all colleagues in your work place to donate £1, collect and send in to the Appeal.
  3.  Ask us for posters, fliers, collection boxes for you to pass around.

    Just Giving
Jacob is registered with the ‘Just Giving’ organisation. This enables people to set up their own web based sponsorship page dedicated to Jacob, which can then be emailed to supporters/sponsors. Click here to set up a page or to find out more.
Run in the London Marathon 2008 for the Jacob Marsland Appeal
2Simple Trust is currently looking for people committed to running for the Jacob Marsland Appeal in next year’s London Marathon.
If you have been lucky enough to secure your own place through the ballot we would love you to join our 2Simple Trust team. All we ask is that you raise £1,000 in donations for our charity and we will then refund your entry fee. Just e-mail us on: